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FDA-Cleared Sites Intraosseous Insertion

Proximal Humerus

  • The proximal humerus insertion site is located directly on the most prominent aspect of the greater tubercle. Ensure that the patient’s hand is resting on the abdomen and that the elbow is adducted (close to the body). Slide thumb up the anterior shaft of the humerus until you feel the greater tubercle, this is the surgical neck. Approximately 1 cm (depending on patient anatomy) above the surgical neck is the insertion site. Vidacare recommends the 45 mm needle on patients >40 kg. This is the preferred site for patients who are responsive to pain. Once the insertion is completed secure the arm in place to prevent movement and accidental dislodgement of the IO catheter.

Proximal Tibia

  • The proximal tibia insertion site is approximately 2 cm below the patella and approximately 2 cm medial to the tibial tuberosity (depending on patient anatomy).

Distal Tibia

  • The distal tibia insertion site is located approximately 3 cm proximal to the most prominent aspect of the medial malleolus (depending on patient anatomy). Place one finger directly over the medial malleolus; move approximately 3 cm proximal and palpate the anterior and posterior borders of the tibia to assure that your insertion site is on the flat center aspect of the bone.

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