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What is the EZ-IO?

EZ-IO DriverThe EZ-IO® Intraosseous Infusion System is a complete solution for immediate vascular access — whether you’re facing difficult vascular access challenges or need immediate intraosseous access for critical situations and life-threatening emergencies.

EZ-IO provides the medical professional immediate vascular access to the central circulation within seconds, delivering medications, intravenous fluids and blood products to adult and pediatric patients alike. With a specially designed cutting IO needle and small power driver, the EZ-IO allows the clinician complete control — avoiding the use of force. EZ-IO provides rapid, smooth entry into the bone’s medullary cavity, creating an immediate conduit to the central circulation.

The EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System is the leading choice for intraosseous access across multiple health care settings, and is used by 90 percent of US advanced life support ambulances, over half of US Emergency Departments, and the US Military.

EZ to use, EZ to train and EZ to maintain, EZ-IO is the preferred choice of intraosseous access for medical professionals and the best method for gaining immediate vascular access…when you need it.

EZ-IO puts the power in your hands.

I know this:

We had an infant with a critical airway who acutely decompensated. An initial EZ-IO was inserted in the tibia to allow for resuscitative measures, and subsequently to allow for sedation so central line access could be attempted. A second EZ-IO was placed in the other tibia after central line access was unsuccessful. The child was then transported to the OR for an emergent surgical airway. Resuscitation efforts would not have been successful without the EZ-IO. The EZ-IO clearly saved this child’s life.

Tracy J Butler, MD, FAAP, FCCM, Pediatric Intensivist